Alice with family and colleagues


My personal passion for te reo and tikanga Māori was sparked at university, taking a Māori 101 paper with an inspirational tutor – a Pākehā who was able to engage and support us in our learning i.e. Alice Patrick.

Now, years later, as a teacher, our school has contracted Alice to take school-wide professional development – a couple of sessions a term, for two years. This has been a huge learning curve for some staff, particularly those from overseas, but Alice has maintained momentum and motivated staff (even teachers who were super un-confident). She uses a lot of positive reinforcement and encouragement, which the teachers respond to.

These sessions with Alice have re-ignited my passion for te reo that began under her tutorship at university. Alice's sessions are successful because they are practical i.e. teachers can use them straight away in their classes. In addition, she scaffolds the learning in a way that accommodates all abilities, and extends those with prior knowledge. Although challenging for some teachers, Alice's PD is done in a way that is non-threatening – so no one feels overwhelmed.

Her teaching style is a strength; she's really high-energy and packs a lot in. She knows her stuff. What's more, she is a reflective practitioner – always seeking feedback on her sessions and looking for ways to improve. Her being non-Mãori is not a detracting feature. In fact, it may help teachers relate to her; she is a role model. She shows that you don’t have to be Māori to be successful in teaching Māori.

Carl McManaway (Teacher, Discovery School, Whitby)

Alice instinctively tailors her approach to individual teachers' needs. She has a way of making sure that no one feels like an outsider. She inspires us and instils in us the confidence to be able to learn and teach Te Reo to her high standards, even though we are beginners ourselves.

Alice's sessions are always fun and hands-on. We leave them feeling positive and able to pass on skills we didn't realise we had! I can't put into words the difference she's made to Te Reo teaching and learning at Wadestown School!

Something else special is the way that Alice opens up the spiritual side of learning Te Reo. We gain a sense of how special and precious the language and culture are.

Jan Ashworth (Teacher at Wadestown School)

I have known Alice Patrick professionally for many years, both as a kaiako (teacher/lecturer) and as a Māori advisor/facilitator. Alice is the person I always think about when I am looking for professional development and guidance for myself and for staff. She provides valuable mentorship and is someone I would like to aspire to follow in the future. She is always sincere, patient, engaging, thorough, challenging, clear, nurturing and provides excellent professional leadership in Tikanga Mãori, Te Reo Mãori and things pertaining to all that is Taha Mãori in all of the schools I have taught in.

Her knowledge and her guidance provides me with direction and support, and I have always held her in the greatest esteem. He wahine kaha ia.

Maria Whiting (Kaiako o ngā tamariki nohinohi me te kaiako mo Te Reo Mãori i te Kura o Tapu te Ranga)

Learning another language can be daunting at the best of times. When I started with Alice I was a bit hesitant. But Alice’s relaxed style and, most importantly, her ability to engage students in the material, is a strength. This has helped to reinforce my own learning and progress in learning Te Reo. Alice is a clear communicator and she plans thoroughly. She reviews the material that we have previously learned, which helps immensely. I’ve sat through a few PD sessions that almost send me into a deep coma, but Alice is engaging, warm and supportive of all students, regardless of where they are with their own learning. Alice Patrick makes you want to sit up and learn!

Ailsa Webb (Teacher at Wilford School)

I have worked on and off with Alice Patrick for the past four years. I have found her passion for, and skill in, te reo Māori to be truly inspirational. During the time I have known Alice, my own knowledge and confidence as a classroom teacher and Pākehā learner of reo Māori has increased immeasurably. I am extremely grateful for the assistance and encouragement she has provided both to me personally and to the school in which I work.

Matt Barnacott (Teacher at Northland School)

Alice is a wonderful, inspiring facilitator. I started my PD in Te Reo feeling very out of my comfort zone. I have learnt so much and have been able to implement what I have learnt into the classroom every day! Alice is approachable and friendly. She makes learning fun! Looking forward to working with her again, next year! Pai rawa.

Sara Watchorn (Classroom Teacher, Discovery School, Whitby)

Alice's enthusiasm and support when teaching Te Reo enables the learner to experiment, make mistakes and take risks. When one is able to do this in a non-threatening environment, the level of learning is high and the knowledge is retained. She caters for all levels and provides meaningful activities that we have fun doing and that we can use with the children. I look forward to her sessions very much.

Angela Stone (Teacher, Natone Park)

Alice Patrick has been working with a number of teachers, including myself, at Natone Park School, throughout 2013. She has provided an excellent service with fun-filled, but highly educational, sessions around learning/teaching Te Reo Māori in the mainstream area of school.

Our school has both a mainstream area and a semi-immersion area. Alice has been able to create lessons that are highly beneficial to our children. We have enjoyed teaching lessons based on what Alice has taught us - from the multimedia resource 'He Reo Tupu, He Reo Ora'. With this resource she has been able to target each teacher's, and classroom’s, individual needs, so that our students succeed and enjoy learning Māori.

We look forward to working with Alice in 2014 and continuing to use her fantastic ideas in the resource 'He Reo Tupu, He Reo Ora' - and the skills that she provides. Nāu te rourou, nāku te rourou, ka ora ai te manuhiri.

Amanda Ferguson (Natone Park School, Cannons Creek)

Alice has the ability to quickly find each teacher's level of te reo knowledge and adapt the lesson according to each one's learning needs. She enthuses us to take the next step in our learning by giving us a framework on which to build a unit of work for both the children and ourselves. We all feel that she is there for us to call on if we need extra support or more in-depth knowledge.

Janice Williamson (Syndicate Leader, Wadestown School, Wellington)


Discovery School has had the great privilege of working with Alice Patrick - using the multimedia resource for teaching Te Reo Māori in schools,  He Reo Tupu He Reo Ora. Being the writer of this resource, she knows it intimately and has a wealth of fabulous suggestions and activities that teachers can use in their classroom to make the teaching interactive and fun, while extending the more confident students.

 Alice has taken the staff out of their comfort zones - but in a way that stretches our knowledge, makes us face challenges, yet protects our dignity.  It has been wonderful to hear every staff member present their pepeha, speaking confidently.  We have all grown substantially in our Te Reo.

Nothing gives me greater pleasure than to see Alice’s sessions with the staff reflected in the classrooms.  Our children are benefiting greatly from her work, as teachers are making a genuine effort to follow through with teaching the content that she has introduced, thus extending their own learning.

Alice would be one of the most loved facilitators the school has worked with. The fact that all staff  asked if they could continue on the journey with Alice for a second year speaks of how highly they regard her.

She brings fun structured new learning, and student-directed learning, into her sessions.  She is skilled at making links to previous units taught -  and building on this knowledge. Moreover, Alice is exceptionally well-organised, sharing the plan for the session well before the actual session. As well as introducing new vocabulary and concepts - and guiding us through the wonderful animations - Alice also brings in many other resources, to enhance the learning further. She has a phenomenal knowledge of the language and culture. The staff love when she shares this in context, as it is relevant new learning at the right time.

I cannot recommend highly enough the great work that Alice does to enhance Te Reo in New Zealand schools. We all feel exceptionally privileged to be working with such a talented lady -  and each one of us has a better understanding of manaakitanga since we started working with her.

Carmen Jennings (Principal, Discovery School)

Alice’s knowledge, skill and enthusuiasm in the teaching of te reo me ōna tikanga have been inspirational to our staff. We have really enjoyed, and got huge amounts out of, this year's PLD; and we have really benefited from her expert leadership and teaching.

Alice’s skilful approach to teaching te reo Māori provides support and scaffolds learners to grow their confidence and knowledge - for themselves and for the students they teach.

Alice’s substantial knowledge of current Māori language teaching resources ensures schools are able to develop effective and exciting te reo programmes for all students.

Alice has the ability to show teachers, in a positive and supportive manner, how key Māori language resources, currently in schools, can be successfully implemented in mainstream classrooms so that any can have the confidence to pick it up and give it a go.

Neil Worboys, Alison Burdon, and Serena Lewis (principal, deputy principal and lead teacher Māori at Wainuiomata Primary)

The staff and I were privileged to receive extensive professional development from Alice in 2012, as she led us through the resource 'He Reo Tupu He Reo Ora'. The constructive support and advice from Alice enabled the teachers to deliver the units in this resource with increasing confidence during the year. Alice’s enthusiasm for the teaching and learning of te reo Mãori is limitless, and her knowledge of the subject is superlative. The combination of enthusiasm and knowledge during our instruction meant that we were able to establish a well-rounded delivery of this curriculum area. We all feel blessed to have had Alice working with us and would recommend her professional assistance unreservedly.

Jane Reddish (Principal, Saint Pius X School, Titahi Bay)

I have worked with Alice Patrick over the past twenty years, both in a professional role and as a personal friend. Over this time she has provided exemplary support and professional guidance in Te Reo and Tikanga Mãori. She has provided a wealth of curriculum knowledge, resources and practical expertise - and willingly shares this with her colleagues, which is further testament to her positive work ethic. Alice has excellent communication skills, both oral and written, and has the ability to communicate with a wide range of people. She is well-versed in a broad range of educational issues and is always willing to discuss and challenge current thinking and research.

Jenny Austin (Co-Principal, Clifton Tce Model School)

It has been an enriching professional experience to work with Alice Patrick on our major Te Reo professional development programme at Wadestown School. The school has worked closely with Alice to design a sustainable Te Reo programme for the future and, at the end of our first year of a two year contract, I can honestly say it has exceeded all expectations.

Alice has an amazing knowledge of Te Reo, including an in-depth knowledge of the Reo Mãori curriculum guidelines (Te Aho Arataki Marau), which she shares so readily with us all. Our professional development sessions have been enthusiastically embraced by all the teaching staff; and the level of commitment has been outstanding. We are on track to meet our two-year plan which, at the outset, I had thought was very ambitious. The Board of Trustees are also very committed to this initiative and are delighted with the progress we have made.

I would recommend Alice wholeheartedly; and I believe she can take much of the credit for the success of where we are at present. The staff can't wait for next year and are looking forward to working with such an inspirational facilitator.

Sally Barrett (Principal, Wadestown School)

Alice was very professional in her approach and responsive to our needs. We really valued her knowledge and expertise. The feedback we received from this professional development was very positive. We would recommend Alice to anyone.

Liz Rhodes (Principal, Brooklyn School)

Mãori Language Advisors in Schools

I have worked with Alice Patrick for approximately 10 years. It is an association that I value and, over that time, we have become firm friends as well as professional associates. Alice's professional knowledge is extensive because of the various roles she has held within education – teacher, lecturer (Victoria University), Senior Advisor Te Reo Mãori (Ministry of Education), to name a few. Alice has always upheld, through her work and her personal conviction, a commitment to a bi-cultural, bilingual New Zealand. To that end, she has worked tirelessly to advocate for te reo Mãori in New Zealand schools. Alice is hard-working, always extending herself to ensure a job is done to the highest standard.

Rewa Paewai (Coordinator, Reo Māori Advisers in Schools, Auckland University)

I have worked as a colleague alongside Alice for a number of years. She was instrumental in leading the development of the draft for the first-ever curriculum for te reo Mãori (Years 1-13), 'Te Aho Arataki Marau', used by teachers in English-medium schools. Alice also played a crucial part in the evolution of multi-media resources to support this curriculum eg' Ka Mau te Wehi' (designed as a Māori language learning programme for all Year 7 and 8 classes in New Zealand) and 'He Reo Tupu He Reo Ora' (which provided an innovative approach in Years 1-6 for the teaching and learning of te reo Mãori, with the fusion of animations).

I would recommend Alice, and the work she does, as an asset to any school or organisation that is considering Professional Learning and Development around "Mãorii Language in Education". Ka mau tana wehi!

Mere Snowden (Reo Māori Adviser in Schools, Auckland University)


I have had the pleasure of working with Alice over a number of years, both as a client and a contractor. She is the ultimate professional, works very hard and always delivers any projects on time to a very high standard. Alice is committed to raising Māori student achievement. She worked on the development of the award-winning Māori language resource 'He Reo Tupu He Reo Ora' as the key writer. Alice is multi-talented and provided CWA and Learning Media contracted services in the areas of research; Māori hui facilitation; writing tender proposals; writing Web content; proofreading and editing. I would welcome the opportunity to work with Alice again.

Kath Norton (former manager at Learning Media and CWA New Media)

I have worked with Alice on various Māori language education projects over many years, particularly around professional development and teaching resources for Te Reo Māori. In recent years we have engaged Alice as a resource developer of Te Reo Māori resources. She has a sound understanding of 'Te Aho Arataki Marau mō te ako i Te Reo Māori' (the curriculum guidelines for teaching Māori language in English medium settings) which, together with her knowledge of second language teaching pedagogy, and her own personal experience as a second language learner of Te Reo Māori, has meant that Alice understands the needs of both teachers, learners and the sector.

I am always happy with the quality of Alice’s work. She has always been willing to make the effort to really understand our needs as her client, as well as the needs of our target audience. Haemata is fortunate that Alice is one of our associates.

Hineihaea Murphy (Director, Haemata Limited)


Having been responsible for liaising with Alice Patrick in relation to her te reo lessons for the Hansard team at Parliament for a number of years, I can speak of her qualities from close acquaintance.

Alice has an extremely detailed knowledge of te reo, and an unrivalled, and infectious, enthusiasm for her subject. She is very adaptable, open to suggestions, and able to fit her style of teaching to her audience and take into account the needs of people at all stages of learning. She is a highly skilled teacher, and is good at varying her approach and employing different techniques and activities to maintain interest.

Alice is a most conscientious teacher, prepared to go the extra mile with her preparation, which is impeccable.

Alice has a natural ability to establish an excellent rapport with those she teaches, and obviously enjoys working with people, whether as a class or on a one-to-one basis.

Jeremy Low (Former Parliamentary Officer, Hansard)

I always enjoy the enthusiasm Alice brings to each class. She warmly welcomes us and encourages us to speak up when answering questions, even when we’re not sure. Her passion for Te Reo Māori is absolutely infectious. My favourite parts of the class are singing the waiata and learning about tikanga Māori. I would thoroughly recommend her as a Te Reo Māori teacher in any setting.

Matt P. (Hansard, House of Parliament)

I worked with Alice for a period of three years to improve my knowledge of Te Reo. Alice is an outstanding tutor who crafted each lesson to support my style of learning. I would have no hesitation in recommending her to any prospective learner.

Chris Tremain (MP Napier)

Alice has spent some weeks trying to teach me te reo Māori in the past year – I have found her patience, sense of humour and ability to get the message across great. Alice has a way about her, and her teaching, that I particularly enjoy; and if one enjoys something one learns in the end! Aku mihi nui ki a ia.

Ian McKelvie MP (te Mema Pāremata mo Rangitikei)

Private Students

Alice has worked with the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, Te Tira Pūoro o Aotearoa, for more than five years - providing a range of tuition, services and advice on te reo and tikanga to our diverse complement of staff and musicians.She is an enthusiastic and knowledgeable teacher and instructor.

NZSO employees come from a wide range of ethnicities and backgrounds and, as is common in the sector, include many who make New Zealand their permanent home. It is important that they know about, and understand, this aspect of New Zealand's culture and are able to participate. Alice is highly skilled in guiding people to this knowledge and understanding.

In addition to her work with staff and musicians, she also assists managers in coaching sessions. This has included two education officers appointed from overseas, and the Chief Executive.

Her work is outstanding and I would strongly recommend her to any organisation that seeks to improve the te reo and tikanga skills and the understanding of kaupapa Māori in its staff, managers, executives and governors.

Christopher Blake (CEO, New Zealand Symphony Orchestra)

I attended classes with Alice for the best part of a year. I don't think classes is the right word for Alice's learning environment. She set up learning experiences to suit our group and, most importantly for me, based the learning on real life experiences so we could apply what we were learning; we lived the learning. I am a teacher and I was always impressed with the preparation and planning that Alice did to make sure she had a range of teaching and learning strategies. The learning environment was always positive; and Alice's support helped my confidence in using te reo. Ko Arahia he wahine toa, he wahine rangimārie, he kaiwhakaohooho.

Andrea Barr (Private student)

I have attended classes taught by Alice Patrick on Te Reo Mãori and tikanga Mãori for several years. She combines an enthusiastic and professional approach with a wide knowledge of the subject. The classes have greatly helped me in my work.

(Adult student in government department)